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Luxembourg merchants of chill sounds return with latest offering ‘Do You Know What I Mean?’

The sun is finally shining over the UK and it appears that summer may just finally be setting in, it’s been a long awaited season. Naturally though, we must remember this is the UK and the weather can change at any moment, however, that doesn’t stop you expanding your beach playlists.

Today we have a band that is essential for those said playlists, beach trips out, and in general for the warmer weather. It’s the Luxembourg based Sun Smash Palace and their latest single ‘Do You Know What I Mean?’, taken from their forthcoming EP.

The wavey new single encapsulates those hazy summer days, where heat waves shimmer on the horizon. It’s a bouncy, good times number that is bursting at the seams with sun kissed vibes. The track opens with a mellowed yet groovy bassline that creates space for the jangly guitars and chilled vocals to burst through. This rambling atmosphere continues throughout with dashes of energy from the occasional guitar lick, it’s a fantastic listen.

You cannot help but fall into Sun Smash Palace‘s charm with this latest single and it’s likely the forthcoming EP will be chock full of good vibes and sun drenched guitar.

Listen to ‘Do You Know What I Mean?’ here:

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