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Katherine Worrell

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The New York trio Sunflower Bean return with news of a their third LP and shared lead single ‘Who Put You Up To This?’

The latest single by Sunflower Bean answers the question, what would happen if Alice fell down the rabbit hole and learnt some power chords?

The New York based trio- Vocalist/Bassist Julia Cumming (she/her), Guitarist/Vocalist-Nick Kivlen (he/him) and Drummer Olive Faber (she/they)- are set to release their third album, ‘Headful of Sugar’, on 6th May 20222 via record label Lucky Number as well as their new hit single Who put you up to this?” “

Deriving its inspiration from life in modern day America and the effect of capitalist society on the individual, Headful of Sugar is a powerful, psychedelic trip to be blared through your speakers and out open windows. Kivlen described the song’s message as “how it feels,everyday, the fast pleasures, the sugar of life and the joy of letting go of everything you thought mattered”. The album carries with it a rebellious tone, a refusal to be pushed down by the mundane and repetitive.

Following the second album released in 2018, ‘Twenty Two in Blue’, described as an “ode to the fleeting innocence of youth”. This album carries a less musing tone, instead it has an agency, a sense of making life “on your own terms”, as Cummings said “why not make a record that makes you want to dance.”

The album’s opening track ‘Who put you up to this?’ pulls you headfirst into this roaring and dangerous world of letting go and running free, a kiss goodbye not just to love but the person you are in that moment. It’s gritty, brutal but above all it is real. The band spoke more into the inspiration of it, reminding us “questioning your life is the first step to taking the agency”. With soft vocals blending into smooth guitar sounds, the song and accompanying video carry with them an air of mystery, remorse and underneath it all a light note of hope.

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