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Grace Busby
Grace Busby

Have lived in Cornwall for 4 years now and am low-key scared of the sea, but also couldn’t imagine not being able to sit and look at it. My first taste of proper live music was at Boardmasters in 2017, where I got greedy and decided I wanted the rest of my life to have beach vibes but also be full of music, art and culture. 

The Psychedelic outfit signed to Pony Recordings has released their striking new single ‘Under A Rainbow’

Sunglasses For Jaws recently announced their new album ‘A Room In Europe’, which will be released via Pony Recordings and available for your ears on 16th February 2023. Although based in London, drummer Oscar Robertson, bassist David Bardon, and vocalist Olivier Huband transport us to a far-away land where everything is taken slow and everyone is holding a Mojito, with the album’s first single, ‘Under A Rainbow’

‘Under A Rainbow’ presents itself as a theme song for all moods, embodying the allure of psych rock by making you feel the instrumentals in your bones. The happy-sad tone of the single is set with opening strings, then immediately slammed down like a brick wall by its funk drop and Elle Musa’s dream-like vocals. With a voice comparable to that of Billie Marten, and a vibe comparable to that of a Bond Girl, Australian painter and singer Elle Musa compliments Sunglasses For Jaws escapist tone perfectly. 

Sunglasses For Jaws don’t release music meant for background listening. The single’s lyrics convey a strong sense of longing, which is only enhanced by the all-encompassing fusion whirlpool of orchestral arrangements and funk, punctuated with Turkish Yazh. ‘Under A Rainbow’ is character introduction music, designed to be walked to in slow motion, or listened to lying flat on the floor with your eyes shut for a full transcendent experience. This feeling is brought to life in the accompanying music video, directed by Andrea Banjanin, with Sunglasses For Jaws and Elle Musa floating around in a hazy 70s dreamscape. 

Watch/listen to ‘Under A Rainbow’ here: