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Kieran Webber

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Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Label: Big Vision Records

Sweet Giant formed out of a love for authentic guitar music and vocal harmonies, so it’s no surprise their sound is a delightful ball of retrospective rock n roll. Their latest ‘Til You’re Blue’ EP is a dazzling collection of this nostalgic sound that is a clear homage to those that came before hand, however, this doesn’t stop the band carving out their own identifiable sound that is very much their own.

The EP kicks things off with the self-titled ‘Til You’re Blue’, a rambling rock n roll tune that is reminiscent of Canned Heat or Little Feat. It’s a velvety track that is draped in a 70’s sensibility, truly a wonderful opening. The ‘jam-session’ vibe that the band have crafted is something truly fun, it’s nice to find oneself lost in a floating guitar backed by warm vocals.

This atmosphere is felt throughout the four track EP, a constantly warm and fuzzy experience. However, it’s not all simplistic and fun, the band bring in experimental elements too. This is particularly present in the middle with tracks ‘My Bones’ and ‘Over To Nowhere’.

‘My Bones’ bringing a near Zeppelin like swagger and swing, particularly in the guitar. On closer inspection the track has many elements, from the waning guitar that plays in the backdrop, the simple yet rhythmic percussion, and the breezy vocals that ties it all up.

‘Over To Nowhere’ is where the band truly soars, offering a slow building track that boasts the bands strongest elements. It’s here that the vocals burst into action, soaring over the music with occasional roars. This all culminates to the 1 minute and 40 secs (roughly) where the band release this staggering tangent. Guitars come flying towards the listener, the percussion lets loose a barrage of heavy hits, it’s a wall of true experimental rock n roll.

The EP is neatly finished with closing track ‘Back On Time’, a soft rock number that whisks the listener into a sense of calm, leaving you satisfied if not hungry for more. This EP is a taster of what’s to come from Sweet Giant, and frankly it’s an exciting introduction to the bands potential illustrious career.