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Kieran Webber

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Southend band Teleform are drawing influences from the new wave sound of the 80’s and tailoring it towards a new generation

Teleform are relative newbies on the scene but there latest release shows that the band is destined for great things. Their new wave/post-punk sound is a visceral sound that imprints itself onto the listener, you cannot help but feel the allure of their melancholy sound. The poignent songwriting shines through, an element that elevates the band above their peers.

Their most recent single ‘Tired’ is a reflection of the above, a culmination of a generational exhaustion of the political system we are plagued with in the UK. The moving sentiment of ‘Tired’ makes it completely compelling, drawing you in with the nonchalant sounds. Only to enlighten you with the lyrical content, it’s superb songwriting. There is certianly an element of retrospectiveness within their music, harkening to a day of milk snatching authoritarian leaders, economic hardships, strikes, inequality rapidly increasing.. sound familiar?

It’s no wonder we are looking backwards to a certain sound and time to reflect us now, we’ve gone backwards as a world. Bands like Teleform represent the rising dissent among young people and they articulate it brilliantly.

Listen to ‘Tired’ here: