Review |The Amazing – Ambulance


Out now via Partisan Records


By Kieran Webber

Swedish band The Amazing have released the follow up to 2015’s critically acclaimed ‘Picture You’, ‘Ambulance’ comes through with just as much sophistication but looks inwards as oppose to outwards, replacing the energy with a more personal and intimate experience. The album only spans across 8 tracks but it is just enough, any more would push the band towards boring. It shows great restraint on their side as well as knowing when something is overkill.

The album opens with lead single and album titled track ‘Ambulance’ a sharp but soft piano lead number that is complimented by the soft vocal delivery from Christoffer Gunrup. This is followed by the melancholy ‘Divide’ a theme that is heard through the whole album albeit sad it is still beautiful.

Through this body of music there is a whole platter of emotions to be felt, from sadness to anger to happiness but one reoccurring theme is one of tranquility. An accepting feeling that although these feelings can scorn away at us you may as well ride the roller coaster, it creates an atmosphere of nonchalant.

‘Blair Drager’ is a percussive almost jazz infused psychedelic number that is arguably a favorite and a stand out on the albumĀ  due to its wide soundscape and diverse use of instruments that create a comfortable yet often unsettling vibe. It is the a song that I could imagine walking into a Eyes Wide Shut situation to.

Overall ‘Ambulance’ offers a unique take in indie rock, with its soft layers and emotive songwriting that is beautiful and thought provoking.