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The Big Moon release anthemic pop cut ‘Trouble’ in preparation for third album ‘Here Is Everything’, which will be released October 14th via Fiction Records

London four-piece The Big Moon have boasted a consistent, high-quality output of material since 2016. With two records already under their belts, the quartet are returning with third LP, ‘Here Is Everything’, set to be released on October 14th. And in preparation for the record, they have delivered second single ‘Trouble’.

Launching into itself with a steady bass riff and drumbeat, ‘Trouble’ quickly metamorphoses into an arena-ready, indie pop anthem with a clear trademark from the band. Vocalist Juliette Jackson carries the chorus with a searing hook of ‘trouble don’t last forever’, belted with her signature laid-back but passionate style. Lyrically, ‘Trouble’ discusses how memories aren’t always right, and how it is possible to let go of memories rather than let them chip away at you forever – hence the ‘trouble don’t last forever’.

Mix-wise, the track is polished and crisp but still retains an edge that is reminiscent of their roots. The bridge is an exquisite build up into the final, biggest chorus which has everything turned up a notch; the backing vocals are pushed forward, and the guitar solo that closes off the track is fizzy and as stated before, ready for an arena.

This new single has the band sticking to their guns in the sense of loud, up-tempo tracks, but is still able to be its own entity when stood up against their previous efforts. ‘Trouble’ is yet again another excellent single from The Big Moon, resulting in even more excitement and anticipation for their third LP.

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