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The fledgling genre bending band The Bloodstreams return with jagged edged single ‘The Knife’

The Bloodstreams are a relatively new band but in a short time have already started to make in impact. This is due to their unique fusion of sounds that not only blend sounds but timescapes too. Throughout their music you hear the clear influence of bands such as The Stooges and The Rolling Stones whilst also with a dash of Jack White. Sonically you are treated to a hybrid glam-punk-classic rock adventure which is personified with their latest single ‘The Knife’.

‘The Knife’ opens with a quick, yet brooding strike of the guitar that slowly builds into a foot stomping, hip-swinging riff that is worthy of a Tarantino film. The vocals kick in with aplomb, boasting a confidence that is nothing short of infectious. The Bloodstreams are clearly here to leave a mark on the individual listener. It’s hard to pull away as the band draw you in with their vampiric clutch, this is masterful work.

Speaking on the track the band say: “It’s essentially an expression of anxiety and claustrophobia spinning around a vision of sleep paralysis nightmares and the endless search for inner strength and acceptance as an imposter in a seemingly alien society.”

Listen to ‘The Knife’ here: