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The Flints become one of the hottest prospects of 2023 with their new single ‘Different Drum’

With a budding new year, The Flints have released their newest single ‘Different Drum’, to be part of their upcoming second EP ‘Keep The Party Going’, out April 28th

The Manchester-raised and London-based duo, George and Henry Flint are a pair of twins who are known for their powerful voices, and style that merges deep grooves and classic 70’s disco creating a timeless and sleek tune, presenting a new and old music style dynamic.

Their new single emitting their spaced-out, psychedelic-pop style. “Different Drum is a song about embracing your individualism.”, noted The Flints about their new single. “It’s shutting out the noise around you, staying true to what you believe in, seeing things through to the end.” The Flints soft and eternal voices offer an easy escape while listening to their song that is filled with rhythmic bass and matching warm guitar notes, making you feel alive. 

Their first album, ‘100 Million Lightyears’  was released in 2022, creating a lot of buzz around the psychedelic duo. ‘Serengeti’ being one of the singles that left many wanting more.  The album reflected on their realisations and life experiences in the previous few years. 

After their new EP ‘Keep The Party Going’ releases, the duo is to play at this year’s Boardmasters in August 9th. With all the amazing songs they continue to release, the duo is gaining more and more attention, making The Flints one of the hottest prospects of 2023.

Listen to ‘Different Drum’ here: