Review | The Foetals – Meet The Foetals


Out Now via PNKSLM

By Kieran Webber

Manchester based lo-fi pop act The Foetals, the new project from Jolan Lewis (the frontman of The Pink Teens, fka Temple Songs, who also plays in Francis Lung’s (ex WU LYF) band as well as Aldous RH). The Foetals’ upcoming debut LP Meet The Foetals, is out now via PNKSLM Recordings on limited edition 12″ vinyl.

‘Meet The Foetals’ was recorded by Jolan himself in two days at his own small studio in the outskirts of Manchester, trying to find a middle ground between perfect 60’s pop records and the inept DIY sound of American private press LPs.

The LP kicks off with the track ‘I’m Down’ a thumping indie belter glistening in a foot tapping rhythm, the vocals float around in the background evidently more quiet than the instruments just barely hearable, it doesn’t matter as the song is hooky and catchy as they come.

The tone is taken down with the next track ‘Nothing’ another catchy number, it is here The Paul McCartney influence shines through Jolan’s music especially in the high pitched harmonic vocals. The Beatles influence runs through to the song ‘Moment’ where again Jolan’s ability to write songs glistens through to the listener.

Arguably the strongest song on the album ‘The World Isn’t That Big’ an almost Daniel Johnston esque track irradiating sadness, but a beautiful sadness.

Whereas tracks like ‘Nearly’ come in with a thunderous drum beat backed by yet another addictive hook, grabbing the UK-Indie sound with a dash of reverb.

‘Meet The Foetals’ is probably one of the best solo albums of 2015 It is more than a nod towards Paul McCartney and The Beatles it sits on the same shelf in regards to songwriting. The music itself is simple but effective and in all areas beautiful, the infusion of previous elements has helped craft a fantastic album that anyone with a heart should buy.