Luke James
Luke James

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Label: Amplifier Music

The Jungle Giants have been making huge waves for years in their native Australia. While they may not be a household name yet on our shores, back home they’ve been certified platinum across multiple singles amassing 325 million streams across their discography. As they prepare to tour again next year, including a headline show at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire, they now release their fourth album, ‘Love Signs’.

From the opener (also titled ‘Love Signs’), the good vibes start pouring out of the speaker. It has a bounce in the drums that almost takes control of your body and makes you want to dance. The rest of the instruments are quite withheld which leads to a tight production that doesn’t overwhelm you but instead takes hold of your hand and leads you to the closest dancefloor. The best way to describe The Jungle Giants sound is like a mix between Hot Chip and LCD Soundsystem with the tightness and clean production of electronica but the core of it has an almost indie sensibility. You can already imagine the likes of In ‘Her Eyes’ and ‘Charge My Phone’ booming through the speakers at a festival spreading the good feeling.

There’s no ballads or let up on ‘Love Signs’, instead flirting between the almost house sound of tracks such as ‘Heavy Hearted’ and the more laid back electronica of ‘Here I Come’. It’s clear to see why The Jungle Giants have been killing it back in their homeland. The only question is, with vibes as good as this and with songs as beautiful as this, why haven’t they taken over the world yet?!

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