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Alannah Williams

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Rating: 3 out of 5.

Label: Self-released

Focussing on themes of love and emotions The Lazy Eyes are homing in on their talent and ability to create wonderful narratives through boisterous instrumentation and bold vocal performances. The Australian Psych quartet have produced a groovy and emotive sophomore EP in ‘EP2’.

At only five tracks long but teeming with potential, ‘EP2’ is a potent demonstration of the boys’ knack for song-writing.

The lead single from ‘EP2’, ‘The Island’, delivers a strong narrative from the psychedelic outfit. Swirling and shimmering with a kaleidoscope of dream-pop influences, the track is the perfect teaser for the rest of the EP.

“’The Island’ was written about a place where none of The Lazy Eyes band members have been in real life, and acts as the sequel to ‘The Seaside’ from EP1. It’s an imaginary island that is a sort of utopia but is also filled with mystery. The writing process and a demo recording took place in Harvey’s childhood bedroom, he recalls, ‘all I remember was recording a terrible demo on GarageBand and really struggling to sing it because I had a cold that day. It’s interesting to hear the demo these days because you can hear the parts before they were refined as a result of playing the song over and over live.’”

Lush vocals and prominent drums come aplenty throughout, with a wonderfully sunny aura and soothing atmosphere, the boys transport us to another time and place.

From ‘The Island’ we perfectly transition into the jangly and sweet ‘Nobody Taught Me’, the band channel feelings of loneliness with veins of Peach Pit-esque synths throughout.

The chugging, closing track on the EP, ‘Where’s My Brain???‘ offers a delightful yet sombre energetic cut that delivers in every way possible. With spacey sound effects and synths, the warped vocals of the track lend an electrifying atmosphere to the track, pulling together the amalgamation of instrumentation into one sonic jumble of infectious sound.

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