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Kieran Webber
Kieran Webber

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Liverpool’s The Marigolds come out swinging and firing at all cylinders with latest single ‘My Undoing’

Liverpool has produced some of the worlds most important and impressive musicians for decades, and as we veer through 2022 the city continues to export incredible musicians. One said example of this is the thunderous rock outfit The Marigolds. The band fuse thumping percussion with high-octane guitars, creating a sound that breezes through multiple genres, including hard rock, alt, and psychedelia.

Their latest offering ‘My Undoing’ gives us their most energetic cut yet, without wasting time a huge, heavy riff comes crashing down on the listener. This is followed promptly by a thunderclap of percussion and gritted vocals. It’s pure rock n roll goodness that leaves one wholly satisfied post listen, this is a true earworm. You can’t help but envision this track being played live, it’s almost been crafted specifically for this purpose. The chaotic energy, high-octane riffs, and explosiveness of this single is completely enamouring.

Thematically the song is daringly honest, delving into “insecurity, scary thoughts in the back of your head and feeling unable to break away from negativity in your life.”

Keep your eyes on The Marigolds, they’re going to be a big name in the rock world very soon.

Listen to ‘My Undoing’ here: