Luke James
Luke James

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Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Label: Self-Released

Brothers Harry and Jimmy Morris and their friend Chris Bourne are The New Twentys and, having only released their debut EP at the beginning of last month, they are keeping the momentum rolling with new EP ‘Power’.

The title track opens the EP and is about regaining control of yourself after a breakup. This positive outlook is mirrored in the music which is bathing in sunshine and positivity. The chant-along “ooh” and “ah” only serves to bolster the song by using vocals almost as another instrument and lending more bounce to the track. The good times keep rolling with ‘Dancing On A Sunday’, a fresh take on a love song. Apparently inspired by Jimmy Carr, he suggested to the band that there are songs by female artists such as ‘I Kissed A Girl’ but not many songs from the male perspective. And so ‘Dancing On A Sunday’ was born, backed by a track that feels like the middle of summer with a chorus that is instantly singable.

Feeling like a Little Comets song, ‘Dancing On A Sunday’ is rolling percussion, multiple guitar tracks and group vocals building to a multi-layered piece of joy.

The New Twentys are starting to shape their sound a little differently with ‘Brazilianaire’ and ‘I Can’t Afford Her’ which are more direct and fuller songs than previous efforts but still with the same youthful energy.

‘Power’ is already an impressive recording as a band’s second EP but even more so when you find out that The New Twentys are responsible for everything in house. Having written each song, they have also recorded and produced everything as well which helps make each song sound personal. I can only hope that they keep up this release schedule of one month between EP’s because the quality so far has left me craving more.

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