Luke James
Luke James

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Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Label: Nice Swan Recordings

‘Do It Differently’ is the latest EP from Lincoln indie upstarts The Rills and it’s an absolute ride. Lead single ‘Skint Eastwood’ rattles in first with rampant drums galloping along while vocalist Mitchell Spencer sneers his story of the type of character that can be found in any town with tongue in cheek lyrics such as “tinny for the road, he’s like an offy bandit.”

‘World Leader’ comes pounding in next with drummer Mason Cassar punishing the toms while bassist Callum Warner-Webb’s scuzzy bass slithers over the top. Through a garage rock haze, ‘World Leader’ comes alive in the chorus with a weighty guitar tone pairing up with the battering drum kit.

The Rills aren’t willing to let up at all as the punishment continues with ‘This is Hell’ which sits somewhere between the lightness of The Libertines and the grunge savviness of The Vines. ‘Do It Differently’ pulls a little more from the type of fun indie that might soundtrack a trip to the seaside.

‘Never Around’ rounds off the EP and gives you a brief rest bite with its almost goth wave-come-shoegaze sound. While it may be at odds with the rest of ‘Do It Differently’ with its gentle drums, ringing guitars and spoken verses, it feels like the cool down that the EP deserves. ‘Business’ soon picks up as the last half of the track builds to an anthemic moment with the huge drumbeat embracing the guitars that copy the vocal line to create a beautiful moment.

With ‘Do It Differently’, The Rills have forced themselves into your face with a huge sound and a swagger that is hard to imitate. With a sound that sits somewhere in the bracket of The Cribs and The Libertines, The Rills have carved a path of their own with an EP that erupts through your speakers.