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The Shantlys hear wedding bells in latest single ‘The Proposal’

The Hertfordshire band The Shantlys are the self-proclaimed “beast from the South-East”, a title fitting their station. They’re a rock n roll outfit through and through, bringing forward fun, punchy riffs with confident vocals and hard hitting percussion. The true trifecta of rock n roll.

Their latest single ‘The Proposal’ starts with a building guitar that slowly builds towards the infectious chorus that sees a flurry of guitar, hard hitting percussion, and ominent vocals. At its core the song is filled with positivity and fun, this is a song for celebration, about love, and all the good things in life. It’s an incredibly wholesome release. Lyrically the track takes influence from the lead guitarists (Scally) recent proposal, adding an extra layer of wholesomeness through truth. You can’t help but get wrapped in its warm embrace.

The Shantlys with this single prove that they’re an incredibly fun rock n roll outfit, which in today’s world is needed more than ever.

Listen to ‘The Proposal’ here:

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