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The Shop Window return with emotive new single ‘Lighthouse’, taken from their forthcoming album out later this year

After a successful 2021 the Maidstone based indie band The Shop Window return with the jangly new single ‘Lighthouse’. It’s the bands first release after their ‘The State Of Being Human’, which was released in June 2021. It continues the bands nostalgic 90’s soft rock sound that is remiscent of R.E.M but with a hint of modern Indie.

‘Lighthouse’ opens up with jangly guitars that open up to all encompassing indie sound, soft percussion sweeps through and drives the track forward, whilst emotive vocals take the lead. It’s a simple track that captures the listeners ear with it’s relaxed yet confident approach. There’s no reinvention of the wheel but this approach is what makes the single so alluring. Lyrically the song stands high and strong, tackling a subject in a beautiful way, bringing hope to the foreground, even when anxiety is at its peak. The Shop Window truly boast their emotive, vulnerable, and honest songwriting with this release.

Speaking on the release Carl Mann says: “I sometimes wake up and find myself in a fog, crippled by anxiety and self doubt. ‘Lighthouse’ is about how my wife is always able to steer me through that fog to safety and firmer ground. She has an ability to do this without even realising most of the time, just by
being her sparkling self.”

Listen/watch ‘Lighthouse’ here:

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