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Birmingham indie rockers return with bouncy new single ‘The Big O’, taken from their ‘Sleaze’ EP

Formed by the Ravencroft brothers The Silver Lines were formed out of a apathy towards modern guitar music. They picked up their instruments, invited Joe Cartwright (bass) and Kindo (drums) along for the ride and the rest is history, as they say. However, The Silver Lines are still in their formative years, creating an overwhelming, neck breaking flurry of guitars and that good rock n roll goodness. There’s a retrospective element to their music, clearly taking influence from bands such as Status Quo, The Rolling Stones, and Iggy Pop. However, this isn’t a carbon copy from the golden era, this is a rock band for the modern ages, with a sprinkle of retroism.

One of their latest releases ‘The Big O’, taken from their recent Sleaze’ EP, is a riotous release that boasts the band’s ability to craft multidimensional indie rock. It takes a more pop approach than some of their earlier material, bringing in sound that screams 80’s. The groove riddled bassline that rips through the track, accompanied by the simple yet rhythmic percussion creates a hip swinging atmosphere. This is joined by a a swaying guitar and ethereal vocals moulding a sound that is dangerously infectious. It strikes up imagery of sweaty nightclubs in New York, with everyone in big shirts strutting their stuff, it’s truly wonderful music that compliments the summer season.

The Silver Lines are a young, ferocious, and fun band that clearly have a very bright future ahead of them. This single and their latest EP is but proof of their forthcoming dominance in the rock scene.

Listen to ‘The Big O’ here: