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George Ward

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Brighton post-punk band The Stealers drop a heavy new single, ‘Ultra Violent’.

From Brighton, The Stealers are a 4-piece post-punk band whose aggressive energy is undeniable. 

The track starts out strong, with its playful riff standing alone under its distortion. When the band comes in, their energy doesn’t wane for the song’s runtime. Instrumentally, the song sounds huge, with distorted riffs and a wailing guitar line that soars over the chorus.

While the first half of the track is fun, it gets more interesting at the halfway mark. The drums, previously pounding out in classic punk fashion, come into their own, taking the listener off guard completely and fulfilling the band’s promise of garage and DnB influences. It’s refreshing to hear a post-punk band blend these genres.

Alex’s vocals are energetic and passionate and when you hear the shouts of ‘Ultra Violent’, hear the siren’, you can’t help but think of Joe Talbot from IDLES. A song about young people falling into violence needs passion and The Stealers don’t disappoint.

Catch The Stealers at the following:

33 Oldham Street, Manchester – 26th April

Plus more T.B.A.