Music | Review |The Tailbreakers – S/T

By Kieran Webber
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The Tailbreakers – S/T Out Now via Ongakubaka

The Tailbreakers are still riding the wave of the 60’s a wave that we all hope never breaks. A lot of bands come and go with this specific sound and a lot get it wrong, becoming imitations and unoriginal. This is not the case for The Tailbreakers, their self titled debut LP is but a showcase of how refreshing a sound they are albeit influenced by the sixties surf rock psychedelic scene.

There are naturally going to be some The Beatles influence within their music but the opening song ‘Boneshaker’ screams it, from the catchy hook to the lennonesque vocals accompanied by the occasional screeches.

‘Electric Monkey’ is drenched in slow-far out wahwah pedal effect, riding stoned all the way through. We continue the groove through to ‘Shake it’ another groove laden song that is oozing cool.

The pace is picked up with ‘Lead you down’ which comes in with a fast paced surf rock number that could easily find itself on a retro skate clip.

‘Poisoned’ brings an element of blues soaked in transcendent guitar with harmonic vocals to boot, making this song a strong contender for best track on the LP.

The LP closes with surf rock punk shanty ‘Tres Jinetes’ that again infuses all the best of surf rock and psychedelia with an element of gypsy rock into one beautiful melody.

As a debut this album stands very tall and certainly separates The Tailbreakers from other bands floating in the genre. As a young band they have a lot of time to experiment and discover new sounds which could bring a lot of interesting elements to their music. The closing song ‘Tres Jinetes’ is a prime example of how they can be a diverse band.