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The Tell Alls drop new single and tribute to healthcare workers in ‘Modern Day Mother Teresa’

With the sort of production and feel of a 60’s era Bob Dylan like record, The Tell Alls latest single ‘Modern Day Mother Teresa’ may not be long but it packs a punch. ‘Modern Day Mother Teresa’ was “written in part to pay homage to nurses (healthcare workers) who have braved the COVID-19 pandemic (continue to), putting themselves at risk to try and help others” and it’s a beautiful tribute.

Primarily played on acoustic guitar, the simple drums and bass and the slide guitar that drifts in and out are a solid supporting cast. With the feel of a lazy summer day, ‘Modern Day Mother Teresa’ is the kind of song that gives you a certain warm feeling. Even though the lyrics may seem a little trite (“you never think twice putting yourself out there/ whoever’s in need ready to show you care”) there’s a sincerity and beauty to the way that they’re sung that just works.

A soft and subtle track, ‘Modern Day Mother Teresa’ gets the message across simply and sure footedly with vocals that feel personal and music that could soundtrack floating down a river on a summer day.

Listen to ‘A Modern Day Mother Teresa’ here:

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