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Nashville, Tennessee’s Rising Stars The Thing With Feathers Return With Anthemic Indie Belter ‘Static’

The Thing With Feathers have a splendid way of combining alt-rock, country, and pop into one hip-swinging sonic concoction. It carries similarities to the likes of Kings Of Leon and The 1975, yet remains ultimately an individualistic approach to the sound.

The bands latest single ‘Static’ is no exception to this as it explodes with it’s soaring chorus and hook laden guitars that swing like a pendulum throughout. Crooning vocals burst through the tight rhythmic section, luring the listener in, creating a daringly alluring experience. The single really shines with the guitar work at play during the near four minute journey, as they provide a rhythmic yet sharp tone. It’s easy to find oneself lost in the flow.

‘Static’ a hard-hitting and anthemic experience that is destined to be played in a stadium, of which there is no doubt The Thing With Feathers will find themselves playing in. It’s a single that will define the bands sound moving forward, showing them at their most mature and pathing the groundwork for future releases.

‘Static’ is taken off the bands forthcoming debut ‘Sundays In The South’ EP, which is set for release in 2022.

Listen to ‘Static’ here:

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