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Kieran Webber
Kieran Webber

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Nashville, Tennessee’s The Thing With Feathers, arguably one of the states most impressive bands returns with their anthemic new single ‘Waste My Revenge’

The American band (Nashville, TN) returns to our speakers once more with yet another rock n roll anthem that is nothing short of delightful. As with their previous releases it carries a continuous momentum that builds around the chorus, taking influences from bands such as Kings of Leon. ‘Waste My Revenge’ is the band’s second release from their forthcoming sophomore EP, it follows previous release ‘Don’t Break My Heart’.

‘Waste My Revenge’ takes no time in solidifying its sound, as the jangly guitars breeze through the jawled vocals come bursting through. Taking centre stage they are joined slowly with building percussion and a sultry bass. This quickly builds towards the chorus, that allows the track to explode into a fully fledged rock n roll anthem. It’s a track that boasts the bands growth yet continues their heartfelt songwriting. As always, The Thing With Feathers manages to create wholly relatable music about love and relationships, whilst backing it with a rock swagger.

The Thing With Feathers are a young band that are playing leagues ahead of their peers. It’s very hard no to envision a future where they’re playing stadiums across the world very soon.

Listen/watch ‘Waste My Revenge’ here: