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New York’s rising Alt-rock out The UNCRTN return with the ferocious new single ‘Forget About Me’

The big smoke, the Big Apple, and now the home to alt-rock outfit The UNCRTN. The project started during the bands formative years in college but it quickly became apparent that the band had something special. They quickly took New York’s alt-rock/pop scene by storm and now the band are looking stronger than ever with latest single ‘Forget About Me’.

‘Forget About Me’ opens with a shimmering array of synths that are quickly joined by thumping percussion and standout vocals that instantly sweep you off your feet. Then as the infectious chorus kicks in the guitar comes hammering down without mercy, bringing forward a neck-breaking riff. It’s hard not to find yourself wrapped up in The UNCRTN‘ sound, it’s large and in charge, not to mention demanding of your attention. The fusion of pop hooks and alt-rock riffs are spellbindingly impressive.

Lyrically the song stands tall as well, tackling the apathetic behaviour of people and its effects on the band’s mental health. As bassist Tyler Magrone explains:

“It’s basically a song about getting away from stuff that brings you down and tries to change who you are as a person. A reflective moment in life when you realize you have stopped connecting with the group of people/friends you have grown up with. That you want no part of the same ideals, thoughts or viewpoints that people close to you have. So you just have to get away from all that toxicity, whether it’s physically or metaphorically.”

Listen/watch ‘Forget About Me’ here: