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Brooklyn’s The Upsides bring summer soft rock goodness with their track ‘Show Me’

The soft-rock outfit from Brooklyn, USA, brings the warm summer vibes with their track ‘Show Me’, tkane from their most recent ‘Undercover Retro’ EP.

‘Show Me’ opens with jangly guitars that quickly makes space for the velvety vocals that breeze through the track like a summer’s breeze. This whisk of warm air flows throughout, creating a track that is absolutely bursting with summer vibes. The rays of sunshine are felt in every instrument, from the laid back guitar, to the soft percussion, you can’t help but envision long walks on the beach or long drives along the coast.

The Upsides have created a wonderfully sculpted summer anthem with ‘Show Me’ that stands confidently as a standalone track and as part of their EP.

Listen to ‘Show Me’ here: