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Thehiz stuns with his soaring debut single ‘SUBMARINE’

The Ethiopian-born songwriter and producer Thehiz has just come out soaring with his debut single ‘SUBMARINE’. A track that blends the indie-rock sounds of Foals with the more pop sensibility of Foster The People. It’s a striking debut release that will surely set Thehiz on the path to success.

The track begins with swirling synths that quickly dissipate to make room for Thehiz commanding vocals. As they burst through, they dominate the sonic soundscape with his rhythmic approach. We are further treated with the all encompassing chorus that sees the music rise with his powerful vocals. ‘SUBMARINE’ is a compelling listen that has a variety of layers to delve into with each listen. What is consistently present though, is the emotive power that Thehiz wields when creating his music. This is an impressive start for the young artist.

Speaking on the track Thehiz explains: “The song deals with feeling marginalized and cast out by those who don’t want you to succeed”. He continues: “It’s an anthem for every underdog to keep believing—no matter what anyone has to say about you. It’s funny because I wrote the song at a time when it looked like nothing was really going for me, in many ways. But here I am. I’m living the things I wrote so confidently about, simply because I believed. My desire is that others would be spurred to believe too.”

Listen to ‘SUBMARINE’ here:

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