Luke James
Luke James

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Rating: 4 out of 5.

Label: Blame Recordings

When Brighton’s three-piece Tigercub released their first album ‘Abstract Figures in The Dark‘, they put everyone on notice with their brutal rock. Now they are back with their second album ‘As Blue As Indigo’ and they’re going in for the kill.

The opening title track eases us in with singer/ guitarist Jamie Hall’s wistful vocals floating over the top of a softly plucked guitar. It’s at the one-minute mark though that Tigercub punches you square in the gut with a guitar and bass sound that practically fights its way out of the speaker. Tigercub fans will find familiarity here but also a sound that has been polished and is a little more radio-friendly than usual. Think Muse colliding with Royal Blood while Queens of the Stone Age watch from the sidelines.

No song displays Tigercub’s newfound pop sensibility more than ‘As Long As You’re Next To Me’ with its almost 90’s R’n’B sounding swing. ‘As Blue As Indigo’ isn’t all pomp rock powerhouse and pop though. ‘Funeral’ is a tribute to Hall’s grandmother and is a song that sees strings intertwine with acoustic guitar to provide a moment of solitude in the middle of the album. ‘Built To Fall’ is a brooding track that builds to a powerful crescendo and acts as a beautiful tribute to a friend of Hall’s who passed.

Tigercub has grown a lot since their first record and with ‘As Blue As Indigo’, you feel like something big is on the horizon for them. With a sound as huge and grand as there’s, Tigercub is carving a path of their own one blown speaker at a time.

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