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Following their 2021 album, ‘As Blue As Indigo‘, Tigercub return with a heavy and over-the-top new single, ‘The Perfume of Decay

Tigercub’s second album, As Blue As Indigo’, climbed to an impressive #11 on the Official UK Album Charts. But, as impressive as this is, it meant they had a lot to live up to with this new single.

Luckily, The Perfume of Decay’ is everything you could wish for from a Tigercub track. It’s much heavier than their previous material and filled with distorted guitars, huge riffs and all the over-the-top intensity you could ask for. Jamie Hall’s vocals soar as powerfully as the guitars and his performance is filled with as much drama and urgency as an early Muse track.

But the highlight of the track is undoubtedly the central riff. First appearing at the opening of the track and then scattered throughout, it is absolutely huge and builds the sinister atmosphere of the track perfectly. It consists of a heavily distorted descending guitar line that sounds extremely deranged, over the top of chugging bass and drums. It immediately sticks in your head, sounding both out of control and perfectly fitting. 

The band keep up the intensity all the way through the track and thankfully follow through with the expectation that the first few dramatic seconds promise. If Tigercub’s new music can sound as intense as this, we are in for a treat. 

Listen/watch ‘The Perfume of Decay’ here:

Catch Tigercub at the following

Chicago, IL – 20th October

St. Louis, MO – 21st October

Kansas City, MO (with Highly Suspect) – 22nd October

Tulsa, OK (with Highly Suspect) – 23rd October

Fayetteville, AR (with Highly Suspect) – 24th October

Indianapolis, IN – 25th October

Columbus, OH (with Highly Suspect) – 26th October

Wichita, KS (with Highly Suspect) – 28th October

Oklahoma City, OK (with Highly Suspect) – 29th October

Little Rock, AR (with Highly Suspect) – 30th October

Austin, TX (with Highly Suspect) – 1st November

San Antonio, TX (with Highly Suspect) – 2nd November

Dallas, TX (with Highly Suspect) – 4th November

Houston, TX (with Highly Suspect) – 5th November

Glasgow, UK (with Clutch) – 11th November

Newcastle, UK (with Clutch) – 12th November

Leeds, UK (with Clutch) – 13th November

Exeter, UK (with Clutch) – 15th November

Brighton, UK (with Clutch) – 16th November

Hannover, GER (with Clutch) – 18th November

Hamburg, GER (with Clutch) – 20th November

Berlin, GER (with Clutch) – 22nd November

Munich, GER (with Clutch) – 23rd November

Wien, AT (with Clutch) – 24th November 

Zagreb, CRO (with Clutch) – 25th November

Milan, IT (with Clutch) – 26th November

Toulouse, FR (with Clutch) – 2nd December

Lyon, FR (with Clutch) – 3rd December

Zurich, CH (with Clutch) – 5th December

Stuttgart, GER (with Clutch) – 6th December

Frankfurt, GER (with Clutch) – 7th December

Cologne, GER (with Clutch) – 9th December

Paris, FR (with Clutch) – 10th December

Bristol, UK (with Clutch) – 13th December

Birmingham, UK (with Clutch) – 14th December

Manchester, UK (with Clutch) – 15th December

Nottingham, UK (with Clutch) – 16th December

London, UK (with Clutch) – 17th December

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