Luke James
Luke James

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Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Label: Mexican Summer

‘Petunia’ is the latest album from brothers Andy and Edwin White, better known as Tonstartssbandht. The album starts with the stunning ‘Pass Away, a track so superb it deserves a whole review in itself. From the dreamy guitars at the beginning, Tonstartssbandht sweep through genres, blending them together seamlessly. Mixing 60’s psych pop with delta blues guitar work and folk indie, this near eight minute epic drifts through styles and pulls them all together to create a sound that is intricate and beautiful.

‘Hey Bad’ feels like a blend between The Beatles and Simon and Garfunkel with the tight and minimal percussion underpinning finger picked guitar that wouldn’t be out of place in a blues or a folk song. All of this coupled with shared vocal harmonies makes ‘Hey Bad’ sound simultaneously a throwback to the 60’s and a modern day classic.

Though these songs average around six minutes, it never feels like the songs are getting stale. Instead, Tonstartssbandht keep things interesting by constantly evolving the songs with changes in genre or altering the vocal patterns almost as if taken by the song. ‘Magic Pig‘ is by far the shortest song here at only two minutes. It still sees the same gorgeously played guitars, beautiful harmonies and sense of lying in an open field on a summer day watching your cares float away. ‘Petunia’ may not be large sounding concoction, but it’s subtlety and majesticness is nothing short of wonderful.

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