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Brighton’s Toyz return with 80’s tinged psych single ‘Sherrie’

Brighton’s Toyz yet again impress with their latest single ‘Sherrie’, which follows previous release ‘Versions’. Unlike the latter, ‘Sherrie’ is a more energetic, powerful, and darker release, boasting the bands ability to shift through moods and sound. Although it’s still at its core a psych tinged release it carries a more 80’s influence, thanks to the introduction of synths and keys.

‘Sherrie’ opens with a wave of synths and what almost sounds like police sirens, this quickly delves into a flurry of guitar, which dampens to make space for the crooning vocals to take lead. The sultry vocals lead the way whilst a variety of guitar, synths, soft percussion, and keys float in the backdrop, creating a hip-swinging experience. It’s a more mainstream sound for the band but one that the band sound overwhelmingly confident in harnessing.

With each release Toyz appear to be broadening their horizons, making them an incredibly exciting band. We sit with anticipation to see what they bring to the table with their next release.

Listen to ‘Sherrie’ here: