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Brighton’s Toyz drop second studio single ‘St Helena’

One of Brighton’s newest psych exports Toyz recently released their second single ‘St Helena’, a sonic kaleidoscope that is constantly shifting. The single also accompanied the bands first music video, directed by Jack Harper and shot by Samson Arnett-Roughly.

‘St Helena’ bursts into life with the Bryan Ferry inspired vocals of Cal Lynn, this quickly expands into a wider soundscape with ethereal synths, groovy bass, and subtle hints of saxophone. It’s an expansive release that ebbs and flows across its 4 minute and 40 seconds. Bursts of energy rise up between the moments of reflective calm. This shifting of tides atmosphere makes ‘St Helena’ a real rollercoaster of a release.

Toyz may be relatively new on the scene, but they’re already beginning to make an impact, just two singles in. They’re crafting a sound that fuses new with old, taking influence from the likes of T-Rex and Roxy Music, and more modern artists such as Foxygen and Tame Impala. Once the band get a solid EP under their belt, there is no doubt they’ll be on the lips and ears of every music fan within the psych scene.

Listen to ‘St Helena’ here:

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