Luke James
Luke James

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Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Label: Self Released

‘Clear Skies’ is the debut EP from Brighton based Septet Tunnel Visions and serves as part one of a double album of sorts with the second part, entitled ‘Foggy Moon’, released next year.

Starting life as a three piece and slowly gaining new members, Tunnel Visions are now an audio tour de force with three guitarists and two drummers to destroy your speakers.

Swerving through goth, indie, surf rock and psychedelia, Tunnel Visions aren’t confined to just one sound and that’s just in opener ‘Overground’. Coming in at a shade over six minutes, ‘Overground’ takes you on a journey through screeching guitars, ominous tones and pounding drums.

As the guitars screech in to second track ‘Lazy Eyes’, the drums threaten to burst through your speaker as they pound in and help create a wall of noise before they abruptly stop and a surf rock guitar riff appears out of nowhere. These twists and turns are rife through ‘Clear Skies’ and do well at keeping you on your toes. ‘Lazy Eyes’ soon turns in to a rampant track that would be best enjoyed live as each member attacks their instrument with the surf guitars colliding with the fast paced drumming, pounding organ and the drawling vocals.

This blends seamlessly in to ‘The Son’ which sees the EP ease off the accelerator a little. No less ominous in tone but more withheld, ‘The Son’ almost sounds like a cut from ‘Ghost Town’ era The Specials with that ghostly tone and pulsating organ. Recorded entirely in vocalist Andrew Girdler’s bedroom, ‘Clear Skies’ is a tour through genres that sounds like a band that’s been doing this for years rather than a debut EP. Having been included on Spotify’s Release Radar already, Tunnel Visions clearly have big things ahead of them.

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