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Rating: 6/10


By Kieran Webber

Tycho’s ‘Awake’ emerged last year, an album with an incredible sense of atmosphere. Having a clear influence from artists such as Board Of Canada yet maintaining its own identity and uniqueness.

It represented a high-water mark for the San Francisco musician Scott Hansen or more popularly known as Tycho who described the record as “the first True Tycho record”.

The ‘Awake Remixes’ opens up Hansen’s work for guest producers who operate in the electronic sphere to remix and add their own unique take, showing how adaptable Hansen’s music is.

Com Truise starts things off, steering the title track into an arms out euphoric dancefloor filler. Christopher Willits hits up ‘Montano’ delivering a healthy dose of tranquility followed by Dusty Brown giving us his take on ‘L’.

Listen to RJD2 ‘Apogee’ remix 

RJD2 takes the expeditious ‘Apogee’ and transforms it into tranquil instrumental funk, followed by Baio, who splits his time between solo work and his role as bassist in Vampire Weekend, gives ‘Plains’ a kind of soulfulness, adding a driving rhythm to the original’s beatless ambience and dropping in snatches of vocal, creating a warmth about the song.

The sound that has been produced for the ‘Awake Remixes’ is both alluring and fascinating but don’t expect it to flow as easy as the original album but after all it is a compilation, expect to hear a variety of influences and sounds as one track does not sound like the other.

The LP ends with the dancefloor flourish on Few Nolder’s ‘Montana’ re-work a tense and driving track draped in rippling synths.

As a whole the ‘Awake Remixes’ acts as the bread before the main meal, it will keep you satisfied whilst you wait for the main course, filling but not hugely satisfying.