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Lauren Page

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The newly formed Urban Natives have just dropped their debut single ‘Social Paranoia’

Cumbrian four-piece Urban Natives only joined forces during the pandemic, but have already created waves across the UK music scene with festival appearances and live gigs up and down the country with their original yet exhilarating take on the indie-rock genre. 

Discovering a band through their debut single is always exciting, what makes it even more invigorating is stumbling across a group with whom you can safely place bets on dominating the music scene over the next 12 months. 

Boasting moody synths and a strong set of drums and strings, ‘Social Paranoia’ is the long-awaited debut single to land from Urban Natives. It’s easy to say that the group have an essence of the Arctic Monkeys and nail the indie rock sound that we know and love, but what’s most impressive is the way this track is crafted and the way the lyrics are written – musically resonating with the world isolating on and off for the last two years, which is where writer and frontman, Adam Teasdale, got the inspiration from.

With a top-notch debut single, and a promise of several singles looming over the next few months, 2022 is shaping up to be an incredible year for Urban Natives

Listen to ‘Social Paranoia’ here:

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