Review | Vaadat Charigim – Sinking As A Stone


Released – September 25th 2015

By Kieran Webber

Since their inception in 2012 the trio, consisting of Yuval Haring (guitar, vocals), Yuval Guttman (drums) and Dan Fabian Bloch (bass) have been hugely influential on the Israeli rock scene, with their brooding, textured shogaze rapidly growing international following despite singing entirely in Hebrew – an unprecedented achievement for an Israeli rock band.

Although I cannot speak Hebrew the emotion and meaning is still very present through the music, one does not simply just listen to Vaadat Charigim you experience them.

‘Sinking as a Stone’ follows their 1st LP – ‘The World is Well Lost’ (2012) and continues the band’s search for meaning in a chaotic, war stricken world.

The album is a total journey and one that will require your patience and time with the shortest song being just over 4 minutes, even so each song is an utter pleasure with no track being too ambitious nor repetitive.

The melodic layers of guitars and slow paced percussion could easily send you into a trance which is actually where I found a negative in their music, the album can easily float by without notice due to there not being any stand out tracks, although it is important to note that the album is a pleasure it finds itself floating to the background of focus.

The album as a whole won’t blow you away nor will it change your life but it is a fantastic and unique project with a huge soundscape for such a small band, the sound they have managed to produce is applaudable as well as noteworthy as it is a soundscape that easily fills the room.

The lyrics needn’t be sung in English as the emotion is portrayed perfectly via their music the mix of Yuval Haring’s haunting dark vocals blended with the prog rock backdrop provide a unique and inventive musical experience, imagine The Horrors meets Explosions in the Sky.