Luke James
Luke James

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Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Label: Hip Dozer

Webmoms (or Karum as he’s better known) and Ciaran Austin didn’t have the most conventional introductions to each other to kick off this project. Challenged to make a track together by the BBC Introducing teams ‘random artist collab’ scheme, the creative juices started flowing which led to them writing an EP together entitled ‘Harbours’.

6 Hours’ is the track that started it all and opens the EP. With an open air feel to it, it can speak to anyone but feels like it’s best enjoyed driving to a secluded Cornish beach. The guest vocals from 3lin lend ‘6 Hours’ a jazz feel which is echoed in the subtlety played guitar laced around the track.

‘Starsigns’ with its relaxed drum beat and grainy piano track lay a soft background for Ciaran’s laidback rapping. The lyrics are open and honest (“this hobby’s only valid if it’s something I can sell”) and with a flow that’s as smooth as the music, you can see why Webmoms and Ciaran work well together.

As the embers of ‘Starsigns’ float off, the hazy, grainy synth of ‘Fortress’ seeps in with the simple drum beat underpinning layers that compliment each other but never overpower. Once again, Ciaran’s flow works perfectly with the music as he tells tales of love.

Throughout ‘Harbours’, Webmoms has created music that is at the same time intricate and simple. When you give yourself to the music, you’ll hear layers and sounds dip in and out to create a musical tapestry that speaks of clear blue skies and hot weather. Ciaran’s vocals throughout work beautifully with the music both in flow and lyrical content. Taking influence from hip hop, jazz and r&b, Harbours seems to have a voice of its own and it’s a mesmerising one.

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