Luke James
Luke James

CLUNK Magazines chief album review guy and a lover of cats!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Label: Self-Released

‘We Were Strangers’ is the latest EP from London quintet Weird Milk. Starting with a burst of joy, the title track gets the party started early. With an almost show tune feel ringing through the stabbing piano and theatrical nature of ‘We Were Strangers’, this is a brand of indie pop that can bring a whole crowd of people together in an embrace.

Musically, second track ‘Make It Alone (Lonely Boy)’ feels like a modern day Talking Heads track. The intro and verse have that same clipped guitar played sparingly while the bass player dances around the fretboard and the drums keep things tightly together. As Weird Milk bring yet another party to a close with the band coming together for a group vocal, the joy is palpable.

‘See You Around’ leans more heavily on indie than the previous tracks and almost verges on 50’s style pop but with a modern touch. ‘Vienna – Reprise’ brings things back to Weird Milk’s now trademark off kilter indie pop. Lulling you in with an acoustic start, things soon get back up to speed with stabbing guitars and staccato piano wound around the sort of solid drumming that drives ‘We Were Strangers’ forward.

I Wonder If’ is a wistful note to end the EP on. Pianos take the forefront on this ballad of sorts, setting a musical blanket for Alex Griffiths’ raw vocals.

On the ‘We Were Strangers’ EP, Weird Milk are creating a sound that is all theirs with a mix of old and new styles blended together to create a cocktail of happiness and joy. It may be winter but ‘We Were Strangers’ will bring the sunshine.

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