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Fledling duo Wild Celia share debut single ‘Waiting For The Love’

The pandemic was a strange time but it was certianly one that was filled with creativity, perhaps for the first time in many years we all had time to dedicate to our creative endeavours. One said artist to be birthed out of this time was the duo Wild Celia, formed in 2020 by friends Eimile and Tommy. The two met at school and instantly knew that their musical chemistry was something rare to find and thus should not be ignored.

Fast forward a few years and they finally unveil their debut single ‘Waiting For The Love’. There are plenty of influences to be heard throughout this release, from Fleetwood Mac to the softer side of The Rolling Stones. However, this isn’t a carbon copy nor a homage, this is an artist attempting to solidify their own sound, whilst recognising their influences. As debuts go it’s a strong start, opening with a subtle strut form an acoustic guitar, whilst angelic, heartfelt vocals power through. It’s an all encompassing sound that leads to a full bodied song. The percussion makes a strong statement towards the chorus, where the vocals real power come into play. All the while the intricacies of the guitar work are also boasted, with many layers floating in the backdrop. It’s a masterful single that certianly builds excitement for the project.

Waiting For The Love’ is a strong start for Wild Celia and sets the tone for this fledgling duo.

Listen to ‘Waiting For The Love’ here: