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Out November 4th via Xtra Mile Recordings

Rating: 10/10

By Kieran Webber

I have voiced before that I believe Will Varley to be one of the most important songwriters around at the moment and he further proves himself with his latest release ‘Kingsdown Sundown’. Across the album you are subjected to Varely’s classic, gritty, emotive vocals that are draped in honesty while the soft plucking of his guitar serenades you. ‘Kingsdown Sundown’ may be Will’s bleakest release but it is only reflective of the bleak times that we live in; the environment is in an alarming state, politicians cannot be trusted, they want us to be divided and capitalism is tearing our society apart. All these subjects are touched on by Varley in his heartwarming yet nonchalant manner.

Opening track ‘To Build A Wall’ showcases Will’s frustration with a crumbling society that is cascading towards division as opposed to being united, this frustration is the staple of the album and can be heard frequently. Following this , ‘Something Is Breaking’, a song that attacks the crumbling system we live in, and with a nod to Lennon‘s ‘Working Class Hero’ this track is  arguably the most powerful and poignant track on the album.

Another stand out track is ‘We Want Our Planet Back’ – a truthful and unsettling song about near enough everything that is wrong with the 21st century, from extinction, to environmental disasters to corrupt politicians. Although this track sees the introduction of Will’s tongue in cheek attitude by spinning Donald Trump’s campaign slogan into “Make our planet great again”.

It is hard to pin down a selection of tracks to talk about on an album that goes from strength to strength across  11 tracks, however, the ones mentioned  are the most standout in terms of politics and social commentary. The album has so much to offer and it is not all politics and brutal truths. Tracks such as ‘Wild Bird’ let us into Varley’s heart, a beautiful track about a partner who his heart longs for. The same emotion is felt with the almost sea shanty ‘Back To Hell’.

‘Kingsdown Sundown’ is a triumphant effort from the talented Mr. Varley who seems to only get better with every release, and for me he still remains on top of his game- as of now, nothing can stop him.