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“The red on your favorite flag Is Blood”; Youth Sector release newest single

The Brighton Art-Rock five-piece Youth Sector first emerged with their 2020 debut EP ‘Mundanity’, thus immediately proving themselves capable of pulling at the chaotic threads of life with unnerving dexterity. Their revamped and refreshing sound have allowed them to tour around the UK and Europe supporting bands such as Courting and The Ninth Wave in addition to playing numerous festivals.

Once again twisting everyday narratives into upbeat music full of positive energy and ear worm melodies, Youth Sector announce an unforgettable new single, ‘Is Blood’. Although moving slightly from the Talking Heads feeling of ‘Renting Spaces in My World’ but still embracing the bounciness of ‘Self Exile’, ‘Is Blood’ features skittish guitar-lines and washed-out synths.

Guitarist and lead vocalist Nick Tomkins explains that ‘Is Blood’ “comes from a growing distaste and bewilderment for people in England who are so proud to be English. It was written while the BLM riots were in full swing where ‘all lives matter ’started cropping up not just from anonymous internet trolls but people I knew also which was sickening and disorientating.”

Along with their new single, Youth Sector recently announced their propitious upcoming EP ‘Adult Contemporary’; a bold leap toward harnessing how it feels to navigate life during a time of political turmoil and turning it into a sound of feverish intensity. The single ‘Is Blood’ continues the EP’s cross-examination of a sleepwalking middle-England, this time conjuring imagery of the wayward nationalism that increasingly finds itself a mainstream voice.

‘Is Blood’ is available now on all streaming services. ‘Adult Contemporary’ will be available February 18th via Family Values.

Listen to ‘Is Blood’ here: