Luke James
Luke James

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Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Label: Planet Z Records

Zuzu is a singer-songwriter from Liverpool and from the very beginning of her debut album ‘Queensway Tunnel’, she sings in her native accent as a badge of honour. It instantly sets her apart from other singer songwriters as a recognisable voice. And what a beautiful voice it is.

Throughout ‘Queensway Tunnel’, Zuzu wears her heart on her sleeve as she sings about heartbreak and love with a voice that oozes sincerity, making you believe every word. From the upbeat sound and massive singalong chorus of ‘Lie To Myself’ to the more melancholy ‘My Old Life’ which is reminiscent of early Avril Lavigne, Zuzu sings of men that have wronged her and her coping mechanisms with that.

One song which speaks to me on a personal level is ‘Toaster’, a song about dreading aging and with the lyric “you know you’re getting on when you get given a toaster”. This track boasts Zuzu’s ability to craft music that is equal parts tongue in cheek and relatable. It’s self deprecating yet wholly uplifting. This is also felt within the perfectly poppy ‘Never Again’, lyrics such as “you’re a piece of shit and so are all your stupid friends” stand out, bringing her relatable realism to the forefront.

‘Queensway Tunnel’ is a beautiful indie pop album with lyrics that are real, funny, and relatable. As a debut album, it is a signal that Zuzu will be a name on everyone’s lips sooner rather than later. There’s no doubt this is the beginning of a large and lustrous career for the Liverpool artist.

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