By Kieran Webber

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Out Via WFH Records

The project by Alex Cherney (a multi-instrumentalist and filmmaker from Long Island) came to light in 2018. However, it wasn’t until the recent pandemic that Cherney felt inspired to set Rey into the wild and release the debut LP ‘The Thing About Everywhere’.

Kicking things off is ‘Snakes & Lizards’, a rambling track that is driven forward by harmonious vocals and subtle guitar picks. Creating a real sense of calm, something that is felt through the whole album.

Listen/watch lead single ‘Open’ here:

Rey‘s enchanting vocals and gentle instrumentation creates a real air of whimsy. It generates a space for the listener to fall into the strength of the songwriting. Each song offers an insight into Rey‘s life, a new adventure or journey. This is glaring in tracks ‘Augustine’, ‘Two Dollar Man’ and closing song ‘The Bees Trees’.

‘The Thing About Everywhere’ is a modern album with retrospective elements. Taking clear influence from The Beatles, Steely Dan and Tom Petty. The whole album is a treat that offers a daring collection of sweet sounding jams. Boasting Rey‘s introspective, story telling songwriting delivered with a mellow charm.

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