Words & Header Image by Kieran Webber 

The Cornish Garage Punk Band Are No More

We know it’s Christmas but we have to be the bearer of bad news, the counties worse best band has come to its end. Half Kut are no more. The Porthleven band that become famous in the county for songs such as ‘Send It’, ‘Double Denim’ & ‘Flora Day’ have put down the shark mask.

Those of you lucky enough to witness the absolute hilarity that was Half Kut will know just how sad a day this is. We were even lucky enough to get them to play a show in Falmouth in November. They announced it then on the sly but we didn’t beleive them. They were a real staple on the Cornish music scene, a band that revelled in their shitness, brought only joy and chaos to their gigs and most of all had a lot of fun.

Half Kut will never be forgotton, we will always remember the literall crowd surfing, the free bottle of rum, the shark mask, the chaos, the nicknames and most importantly the music. Thank you Half Kut, we love you.

In the words of Half Kut ‘Legends Never Die’ truer words have never been spoken.

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