Words by Adam Laver | Header Image by Adam Whitmore

After the success of ‘I Meant What I Said’, Rosehip Teahouse are back with another ambient indie track in ‘A Million Times’. The Welsh newcomers are already enjoying success with the reception of the lead single from their EP and they will hope that this will be replicated in their latest release. The EP, ‘Fine’, will be available from 9th December via Big Indie Records.

A droopy guitar riff takes centre stage in ‘A Million Times’, as Faye sings over the mellow track. The lo-fi rhythm guitar is juxtaposed by prominent synths that are reminiscent of Declan McKenna‘s work. The focus of the track is on Faye’s melancholy lyricism, as she ponders aimlessly – “will I ever be in love?” The same guitar riff echoes Faye’s unsure state of mind perfectly, as the rhythm section drives the song effortlessly.

Speaking on the track Faye Rogers (Lead vocals and guitar) explains, “‘A Million Times’ is a lot of my anxiety manifesting in a song. I was finding that I would try and mould myself into what I thought everyone else wanted from me, not realising that I was losing more and more of myself in the process.”

She continues, “And even then, what I thought people wanted from me was usually wrong. So, it was all a bit of a mess, hiding my feelings, feeling like I was ‘too much’ for anyone else in my life. It was hard to break out of the cycle, but I’m finding it easier to be myself now. ‘A Million Times’ is a little reminder to myself that I don’t need to be that way anymore”.

After two impressive releases, it’s going to be an impatient wait until Rosehip Teahouse’s November EP, ‘Fine’.

Listen to ‘A Million Times’ here:

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