Matilda Barker Hall
Matilda Barker Hall

The young gun has grown up in Cornwall and has her finger on the local scenes pulse.

‘Typhoons’, Royal Blood’s new single from the upcoming release of their third album, is charged with electricity and raring to go. The track is an explosion of sound, containing the raw relentless energy of their beginnings combined with an added spice of funk, like that of Daft Punk or Justice.

In conversation with Annie Mac (Annie Mac’s Hottest Record in the World, Radio1), the night of their premiere, they exclaimed that the track was written during the first lockdown in a creative mindset free of pressure with an aim of making feel good music. In Mike’s own words he felt it “important to have energy” as well as stating that he was able to articulate the idea of being lost in your own head and how dark spells can take over you with the feeling of permanence in this track. Expressed through the lyrics like “my thoughts becoming parasites” or “typhoons keep on raging”. “But just like dark weather those things go away – behind darkness is blue sky”, Mike stated. This idea is also seen visually with the accompanying music video, directed by Quentin Deronzier. The renowned director put a new slant on the band’s aesthetic, adding otherworldly cinematics, expressing the whirlwind a literal typhoon can bring. 

In addition to all this, this track and video presents this undeniable power that music holds, that is waiting to return in a post covid world. 

It is clear to see that this riotous return of the duo will be a staple in their music career, keep an eye on them this is only the introduction!

Watch/listen to ‘Typhoons’ here:

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