By Matilda Barker Hall

Royal blood, the Brighton duo who have ascended to become a vital rock band for the ages. Comprising drummer Ben Thatcher and bassist/ vocalist Mike Kerr, the combo is undeniable. Having scored two #1 albums – their self-titled double-platinum debut from 2014 and 2017’s ‘How did we get so dark?’ – they are now en route to releasing their third album in Spring 2021. 

Anticipation for this album has increased with the recently released ‘Troubles coming’. The track proves as a creative turning point for these two as their patented granite-heavy bass and riotous drums are now flavoured with the likes of Hot Chip, Daft Punk and Justice. This organic concoction of hard rock with a funky groove woven gives us a sign what to expect for the upcoming album. Though this appears to fray away from the raw sound of only two instruments, it’s great to see such a successful band trying out new sounds.

Listen to ‘Troubles Coming’ here:

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