By Kieran Webber

The New York based singer-songwriter and musician Ryan Rickenbach, the self proclaimed little king of cosmic folk (a title well deserved) has recently dropped the third single ‘Emily’, taken from the forthcoming LP.

‘Emily’ is a swaying track that see’s a fusion of wailing guitars, sultry synths and brooding vocals that are oozing in cool. This really is a daringly infectious single that demands your attention.

Speaking about ‘Emily’ Ryan explains: “A lot of people have asked who Emily is.”

He continues, “She’s a real person, but I don’t think that reveals much. A real person can be the inspirational spark, but as you write you begin projecting a composite of imagined characteristics. Emily is perhaps a common fantasy of the anima – something to be seduced and sent on its way. That’s clearly an absurd fantasy, but that’s not to say it isn’t alluring.”

Listen/watch ‘Emily’ here:

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