By Michael Edgson

SAHARAS are a four-piece from Windsor that offers up unique qualities that make them one of the best-emerging bands around at the moment. Following the release of ‘Sweat’, they have made the conscious decision to steer past their usual sound and delve deeper into their dance roots. You may be forgiven for the question of “Why would a band who has already received a lot of attention want to do this?”.

Afterall, the trio has gained the support of Killing Moon for previous releases, as well as being supported by BBC Introducing, Amazing Radio and many more publications would point to the band steering a steady ship and carrying on as normal. But the most obvious thing that you hear when listening to SARAHARS is their ability to chop and change, never being afraid to try new ideas.

Perhaps, then, it is this new idea that has lead the trio to bring Alex Lisle on board, whose perfectly timed introduction comes at a transformative period for the band. The new feel is as right as any of the other releases they have done and feels fantastically timely.

Sat here now in the sun, it is one of a handful of niche tunes that make you realise summer is on the way. Dance vibes can be felt, passion can be heard and the fact that it just works makes it a delight. The songwriting is clear for anyone to see. Tension and release, the fact that every few seconds it grabs your attention and throws you back in. It’s a song that is made to make you move, and move we shall!

The track itself has been premiered by Killing Moon. And as I write this it has received a lot of love from other publications also. And rightly so, there is a sense of various, refreshing characteristics amongst the outpouring of nostalgia. Beautifully crafted, and it seems to be going down with audiences as well as a cold beer on a summer’s day.

SAHARAS can consider themselves on to a winner with this track. It feels wonderful to say it, but this might just mark the start to summer, and to the continued emergence of a band that has provided yet another track to expand their already fantastic music catalogue.

Listen to ‘Sweat’ here: