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Samia returns after her first UK tour and drops two new singles ‘Pink Balloon’ and ‘Sea Lions’, taken from her forthcoming album ‘Honey’

Samia is definitely one to look out for; she recently finished her first set of UK tour dates, including an incredible sold-out headline show at London’s XOYO where she also shared the stage with Orla Gartland and Katie Gregson-Maclleod!

Our ears have been blessed with the release of two songs, ‘Pink Balloon’ and ‘Sea Lions’, from her upcoming album, ‘Honey’, set for release on January 27th. via Grand Jury.

Samia shares: “‘Pink Balloon’ is about trying to stay in someone’s life after it got too close and complicated. ‘Sea Lions’ is the sentiments of ‘Pink Balloon’ but less zoomed out – sitting in it, too angry to try and work it out but too sad to let it go. Remembering the good times, finding old voicemails and trying to decide where it went wrong on a loop.”

‘Pink Balloon’ lulls us in with Samia’s heartbreakingly smooth vocals sung almost like a lullaby to herself, causing a comforting listening experience juxtaposed only by the rawness of the lyrics. The track includes a delicate piano backing that mainly plays when Samia sings, with comfortable silences between the lines, emulating a breath before Samia continues.

‘Pink Balloon’ is a truly beautiful piece with a melody line that sounds almost like a violin lamenting a love that did not work out. Watch the music video here:

‘Sea Lions’ feels like the reminiscent stage before the heart breaking acceptance of ‘Pink Balloon’, with an electro funk experimental twist. In this track, you get an atmospheric build up with a contrasting up-beat feel to such a sad song lyrically. As if she is trying to see the upside of accepting that she doesn’t want to fix what is broken but she is still emotionally holding onto the past.

Both music videos perfectly align with nods to each other throughout, a perfect introduction to the upcoming album that leaves us craving more from such a creative mind! Watch the music video for ‘Sea Lions’ here:

Following the release of ‘Honey, Samia will begin a headline tour of North America that runs from early February into March.

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