By Kieran Webber

The indie-pop band San Cisco have today released their latest single ‘Reasons’, taken from their forthcoming EP ‘Flaws’ (out March 27 via Nettwerk Records).  

The track starts strong with a groove riddled baseline that has Jordi’s vocals shine through. It’s a delicate song that is genuinely heartfelt, it’s hard not to be drawn to such beautiful songwriting. Closing lyrics hit hardest with ‘I Need You For So Many ‘Reasons’, truly boasting the raw yet loving emotion that is felt throughout. This message is delivered in the bands signature summer vibe pop, an incredibly infectious sound.

Speaking on the track Davieson says, “This song is about letting the person you love know that you feel their pain and it’s ok to be vulnerable. We make mistakes all the time, but we can heal the fractures in our relationships with communication and trust. The sentiment is not about dismissing the pain but about sharing it.”

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